The Breckenridge Community Honors Carter Casey

Carter Casey signed a 1 day contract with the Minnesota Wild in March of 2017 while battling muscle cancer

BRECKENRIDGE, Minn. — Carter Casey is being remembered at his high school in Breckenridge. The 17-year-old passed away last Friday after battling muscle cancer.

Friends, family, and community members packed the gymnasium at Breckenridge High School for a visitation in Carter Casey’s honor.
Lengthy lines to enter the service are a testament to the kind of person Carter was, having touched the lives of so many people, including those he just met while going through his tough journey.

“Whenever he would come into the clinic, the clinic would just light up,” says Carter’s Nurse Samantha. “It’s like ‘Carter’s here!'”

“Carter was an absolute inspiration, always had a smile on his face, a positive attitude,” said Nurse Allison. “And he just really touched all of our hearts.”

Carter was remembered as a Minnesota Wild Super Fan. He signed a one-day contract with the team back in early March. He was also remembered as an adventurous outdoors man who enjoyed fishing, hunting and spending time at the lake. But his nurses say it’s a few of his other qualities they’ll remember most.

“He always had a smile on his face,” said Nurse Allyson.

“We just will miss his smile and his smirk that everyone knows. He was always making us laugh and just hiss little corks,” said Samantha.

His nurses also say that despite facing a tough battle, Carter managed to stay positive throughout his entire journey.

“He always came in and just even when he was feeling low and down he just was always very uplifting and never complained about one thing,” said Allyson.

“Just very, very positive no matter what the situation. No matter what came about he always found a way to just make light of the situation,” said Allison. “I guess that’s just how I’ll always remember Carter.”

Carter’s funeral service will be held Thursday at noon at Breckenridge High School.

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