“The Lights of Sheyenne 32” to Offer Space to Live & Be Entertained

New space in West Fargo will provide many new amenities

WEST FARGO, N.D. — West Fargo won’t be a bedroom community for much longer. A new lifestyle will be coming to town when the Lights at Sheyenne 32 is built.

“I’m into the wow-factor stuff and I think that plaza down there is a wow-factor,” said Mayor Rich Mattern.

The space, off of Sheyenne and 32nd Avenue, will feature a plaza offering entertainment, ice skating, dining, shopping and outdoor patios.

The inspiration for the project began in 2016.

“From there discussions started and one meeting led to two and brought in more people. Architects, engineers,” said Five Stone developer Matt Baasch.

Construction for the first phase of the project will begin in the fall, while the second phase will begin in 2018.

Phase one of the Lights will have three, five to six story mixed-use buildings and a community entertainment area for up to 2,000 people.

There will also be a parking ramp with about 400 spaces.

Both phases cost $50 million each, while the plaza itself is estimated at $3 million to $6 million. Mayor Mattern says the space is a necessity for the West Fargo community.

“Most of the population, if not already, is eventually going to be living south of the interstate,” Mattern said. “So we need some amenities down there for them. What I think we’re trying to do is make them feel more a part of the community.”

It’ll also provide a different kind of liveliness to the area.

“This space is going to be a really large space for the public with buildings around there to create some energy that maybe isn’t lacking, but could be maybe another level of energy for the community,” Baasch said.

But most of all, it’ll give the people of West Fargo a larger sense of pride in their town.

“To be there and say ‘this is ours, this is for us’. This is a place that we are proud of,” Baasch said.

The entertainment space will offer year-round programming and events for each season.

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