Fargo Police Set Their Sights on Downtown Bar Bathrooms

Police are putting up ads in bar bathrooms to let people know it's not safe to fight

FARGO, ND — Police are campaigning in a place where everyone goes to at one point or another…bathrooms.

After multiple bar fights have taken place in Fargo this year, including one ending with a fatality, police are posting advertising campaigns in bar bathrooms.

It’s an effort to urge people to think twice before getting into a fight.

Police have been using social media and ads in highly noticeable places, and hope their ads in restrooms will continue to make people more aware.

“There’s not many ways to educate people downtown,” said Officer Jessica Schindeldecker. “There’s not many billboards and how many times is someone going to look up at a billboard on the street? This is just where they’re at. A lot of times if you’re drinking, you’re going to use the restroom often times. If they’re looking up, they can see that.”

So far, the campaign ads are up in Sidestreet Grill & Pub, The OB and Dempsey’s.

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