RedHawks Player Profile: Will Solomon

This is Solomon's second year with the RedHawks

FARGO, N.D. — Baseball often takes athletes to new and exciting places, and RedHawks pitcher Will Solomon is no exception.

“Well I went to three different colleges and then my last year I got drafted by the Padres,” said Solomon. “They didn’t sign me. I was only there for two days and then about a week later I got a phone call asking if I’d come play here and this is my second year here now.”

For solomon traveling, exploring new cities and building friendships along the way has been one of his favorite parts about the job.

“Oh yeah I love it,” said Solomon. “Especially in this league, everywhere you go it’s fun places. I meet a lot of new people. I’ve met a lot of people on other teams, become friends. It’s fun meeting people all over the country just so you know you have friends all over.”

But before the professional contract, Solomon played at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. It’s there that Solomon’s fondest memory of the game derives from.

“It’s probably when we made it to the Super Regional and I¬†got to pitch against Louisville,” said Solomon. “I got to come in for three innings and I went 10 up 10 down against them and it was a really great feeling.”

Solomon credits a lot of his success, including that monumental game against Louisville to his older brother. It’s his brother that not only inspired him to want to play the game, but he also pushes Will even when the two are hundreds of miles apart.

“He’s always been big in baseball and stuff like that and I’ve always just kind of followed in his footsteps,” said Solomon. He played at the University of Georgia and now he’s a baseball coach and I just kinda of followed his lead. And he helps me out a lot. Especially when he sees me during games and stuff. He’ll call me, text me, tell me stuff that I did wrong, what I did right and just kind of gets me through the day.”

Solomon is 4-1 on the season through 16 games with the RedHawks.



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