Golden Drive Celebrates Five Years of Helping Homeless Kids

The event brought in hundreds of families to spread awareness and raise money

WEST FARGO, ND — It’s a five year milestone for a woman dedicated to ending child homelessness in the Valley.

The Golden Drive Homeless Kid’s annual community event brought hundreds of families together to spread awareness.

Sue Baron, founder of the organization, brought out the cavalry.

“We got Star Wars this year, we got Chuck E Cheese,┬áBatman and Superman,” she said.

The familiar faces are not here to recover the death star plans.

They’re here to help save children from homelessness.

“It’s empowerment,” Baron said. “It brings the kids together, it brings the big people together.”

Her annual Community Event, aimed at spreading awareness of the homeless children in the Valley, started with small beginnings.

“Two tarps, two stickers, and two saw horses,” she added.

On its fifth year, the event grew into something much bigger.

She has the help of several local organizations helping spread the word and raise money to house the children.

The family event brings games, food and a motorcycle ride.

“In a country as rich as ours, there should be no homelessness,” said Tom Malvin, a rider from Dilworth. “There should be places for these people to live until they’re back on their feet.”

“They’re going to be making our decisions one day,” Baron said. “All I ask is if people please just reach out, reach out to the shelters. Please, it takes so little to make a difference.”

Since leaving her job almost five years ago, Sue Baron said she’s dedicated her life to housing children and “staying golden.”

“Never give up when you’re making a positive difference,” she said.

If you’d like to help the Golden Drive, email

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