Refugee Leader Wants Fargo City Leaders to Take Responsibility for Racism in the Community

Hukun Abdullahi said the Walmart incident is an example of what is wrong with the FM community

FARGO, ND — Local activists told Fargo city commissioners they are partially to blame for last week’s race driven rant outside of Walmart.

“The Walmart incident is an example of what is wrong with our community,” said Hukun Abdullahi, who is with the Afro American Development Association.

Abdullahi urged City Commission members to integrate diversity in Fargo.

After the rant went viral, he said it looked like there was “no help on the horizon” from city leaders.

He said their recent study about the cost of refugees in the city put them in a negative spotlight.

“The Fargo City Commission is partly to be blamed for creating this division,” Abdullahi said. “The only thing I remember that came out of the refugee study done by the human relation commission was people on media shouting “fake news” and not willing to accept the presented facts.”

He encouraged commissioners to do things like name streets after refugee home countries to better integrate diversity.

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