TOWN OF THE YEAR: Abercrombie Shatters Voting Records with More Than 150,000 Votes

The town of around 280 people received more than 150,000 votes in the final round

ABERCROMBIE, ND — Abercrombie, North Dakota shattered all previous voting records to win our Town of the Year Contest.

The town of around 280 people received more than 150,000 votes in the final round.

Chief Meteorologist Rob Kupec spent the day getting to find out what make this town tick.

Rob met one of the nominators of Abercrombie for Town of the Week.

He said when they won back in October, he was positive they would be the ones to win Town of the Year.

After spending the day there Rob said it’s easy to see that Aber spirit come through.

Located just 30 miles south of Fargo, Abercrombie has a rich history dating back to the 1850’s when a military outpost was constructed along the Red River.

This town of just under 300 has such an interest in history that they have their own museum, not only dedicated to the fort, but to the many families that first settled the area.

Lorretta Hendrickson oversees the expansive collection.

“They want to see things kept here and going and that’s why they donated the things here,” Hendrickson said. “They wanted to keep things here for people to see and be able to remember and have the kids remember.”

But it’s not just about the past in Abercrombie.

With Red River Communication based in town, you can have 1 gig fiber internet service flowing into your home or business.

The company employs more than 30 people and provides internet, phone and cable to about 15,000 square miles of North Dakota and Minnesota.

And they’re not even the largest employer in town.

Just up Broadway is Northland Truss.

Here, they build roof trusses and floor joists to order for commercial and residential building projects around the region.

The business has been in town for about 25 years.

They have sales offices in Fargo, but all the manufacturing is done here in Abercrombie.

While the big city might offer a few more conveniences, Northern Truss is part of this small town community.

“It’s just been a great place for us. The town has been terrific,” said owner Terry Short. “Just for putting up with a lot of problems with a big business in a small town, with noise and mud in the streets and people coming and going all the time.”

The elementary school of the Richland 44 district also helps keep the population of the town relatively stable.

Don’t let the 1938 building fool you.

Inside you’ll find some of the newest technology and teaching innovations.

The 4th grade classroom has even done away with desks to make for a more relaxed and collaborative learning environment.

While the school has helped keep the population stable, Mayor Joe Hass thinks Abercrombie is about to see some growth.

“I’ve got a number of 500 in my head, but that maybe is asking a little too much,” he said. “We’re a little bit land locked here. We do have a development on the northwest part of town that in the last couple of years has really taken off, I mean really taken off. I don’t foresee this ever becoming a really super large community but if it ever hit that four or five hundred mark, I think we would be sitting pretty well.”

Hopefully, it stays small enough to keep what makes it special.

“One of the biggest things about Abercrombie is that when you come into town, you actually get to see and feel the camaraderie,” said Fred Tol, who lives in town. “If you’re going to do any fishing, we’ve got a boat ramp in town. Boy, probably one of nicest, cleanest towns you’ll ever come to.”

Rob would like to thank everyone that came out at 6 o’clock for the weather live and all the residents of Abercrombie for making us feel welcome today.

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