Cass County Republicans Asked to Stay True to Conservative Roots

Former gubneratorial candidate and current state representative Rick Becker says voting with moral guidelines will strengthen the state's GOP

FARGO, ND — The Cass County United Republican Committee hosted its monthly Politics and a Plate luncheon at the Holiday Inn.

Former gubernatorial candidate State Rep. Rick Becker was in town to share his vision of a stronger GOP in North Dakota.

Cass County Republicans gathered at the Holiday Inn in Fargo to listen a new strategy for the state’s party.

They hope it will lead to the passage of more conservative ideas in North Dakota and in Washington.

“I think a lot of people want to hear from Rick Becker as he’s a pretty conservative, libertarian–leaning type of voice and I think people are frustrated with the U.S. Senate right now and their inability to pass a bill right now, especially regarding health care,” said John Trandem, Chairman of the District 45 Republicans.

The GOP voters are frustrated with the lack of progress in national politics, so they have come to Fargo to listen to a new way of thinking proposed by a North Dakota state representative.

Becker says he has one core philosophy behind his political agenda.

“To have a strong party actually relies on people that put principle first and party second, and that’s the irony is that the people that consider party secondary are actually the ones that make it the strongest,” said State Representative Rick Becker.

According to Becker, the key to voting on principle would be to vote according to what the candidate believes to be best even if it may not be popular with the people he represents.

“The object would be to vote along principle and not worry about if this detail or that detail might hurt my re–election because my point of view is that voting properly according to your principles is so much more important than getting re–elected,” said Becker.

It’s the kind of idea Becker hopes will carry him into a potential leadership future.

Becker is currently considering a run at either the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate in 2018.

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