People Climb Over the Edge to Help At-Risk Children

Over the Edge and Charism invited people to conquer the eight story challenge while raising funds and awareness for at risk children

FARGO, N.D. — Hundreds walked by the Black Building and gazed up at dozens of people rappelling down the side of the building.

The exhilarating and heart pounding climb gave rappellers a once-in-a-lifetime experience while also supporting Charism.

“People love downtown Fargo, people love Fargo and their like what a fun thing to bring here to really highlight this great building that Kilbourne group is changing around and just to bring light on some of the great work that charism is doing,” said John Fisher, the executive director for Charism.

Over the Edge and Charism invited people to conquer the eight-story challenge while raising funds and awareness for at-risk children.

Charism is a non–profit organization providing support and outreach programs in Fargo.

“It’s been running smooth, everyone is having a great time. We’ve got a great crowd that’s been coming out. Over the edge has been amazing and people hearing about the wonderful work that charism does and the great people we serve, that’s a win anytime you do that,” said Fisher.

Climbing over the edge of an eight-story building is just a small step in the big things Charism does for the community.

This event brought the community together in a unique way.

“Starting out 110 feet, you see downtown from another vantage point,” said David Schlossman, one of the people who rappelled.

It highlighted a historic building being revamped by Kilbourne Group.

“This building was built in the 1930s by my great grandfather, so I think he’d be proud to see people out here having fun repelling down the building here in support of a good charity organization,” said Schlossman.

The organization passed their first goal of raising $30,000.

“I know we met our fine-line goal and we’re well on our way to the second,” said Fisher.

Now they are aiming to reach $50,000.

I cheered after getting onto the ground. “Wooo. Guys that was scary but amazing.”

If you are interested in donating to Charism, visit their website.

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