Families Walk to Remember Lost Children

Compassionate Friends brought families together to ensure their lost children are not forgotten at the Walk to Remember

FARGO, N.D. — Parents, families and friends took the opportunity to remember their lost loved ones.

“The worst thing we can do is think our child has been forgotten,” said John Milligan, the chapter leader for Compassionate Friends.

Compassionate Friends brought families together to ensure their lost children are not forgotten at their 11th annual Walk to Remember.

“It’s like another family because you do lose a lot of family members and friends that don’t understand what you’re going through so this group becomes your family,” said Milligan.

“All of these people out here know exactly what it’s like to lose a child,” said Yvonne Nelson, a mother who lost her son.

The three mile walk started at Oak Grove Park with a stop at Island Park.

Families put flowers down by the Angel of Hope statue in memory of their child.

“Parents that have lost a child want people to mention the child’s name.  We want to talk about our children,” said Milligan.

The group also took part in a balloon and butterfly release allowing families to send messages to their children.

“This is a group that you are so thankful for, but you never want to belong to,” said Nelson.

“You never get over losing a child. Like I said, it’s been 17-and-a-half years for me and it’s still raw. But you do get better,” said Milligan.

John explains although everyone has a different grieving process, this group of people is a great support system.

“I would not be here today because I hurt so bad and these people have gotten us through it. So if anybody is out there and if they lost a child whether it be five years ago or ten years ago or five days ago we are all here,” said Nelson.

Compassionate Friends wants families everywhere to know they are not alone.

Compassionate Friends meets on the second Thursday of each month at the Faith Lutheran Church in Fargo.

They want anyone who feels they need support to speak with them.

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