Fiber Arts Festival Celebrates Locally Made Art and Handmade Goods

attendees learn to knit, embroid and weave

FARGO, N.D. — Ten years ago, a woman brought the Fiber Arts Festival to Bonanzaville.

Today it was at Rheault Farms.

The Fargo Park District celebrated art and handmade goods created throughout the Valley.

People showed off their final products and had a chance to learn about different types of handwork like embroidery, knitting and weaving.

The annual event began ten years ago to keep kids connected to an art style they were missing out on.

“We appreciate that there’s a lot of animals in our community and this event really draws the start process of the animal and how it goes through the whole fiber making process and into the final product,” said Jessica Korynta, Fargo Park District program coordinator. “So it’s a really important way to show the importance of animal husbandry in our community and support those farmers as well.”

The Unity Project took part in the festival, which has people tying colorful yarn to posts as a way to reflect their identities.

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