“What’s Your Name:” Fargo Police Explain Viral Video

The video shows a man yelling "What's your name" at officers over and over again

FARGO, ND — Police explain a viral video from downtown Fargo at around 2:00a.m. Saturday morning.

In the video, a man shouts, “What’s your name,” at officers making a traffic stop on Broadway.

He loudly shouts this question repeatedly from the sidewalk by The Old Broadway for about a minute before getting arrested.

The video has gone viral.

We sat down with Sergeant Mark Lykken of the Fargo Police Department to find out what exactly went down.

“Yeah, he actually wasn’t involved in the call for service at all. He just felt the need to express his displeasure with the police at that time. This person certainly crossed the line of free speech when he began to hinder and impede the investigation of the traffic stop. The officers showed a lot of restraint and composure by just telling him, ‘we’ll be with you when we’re done.’ He continued to interject for about a minute and at the point, the officers decided they couldn’t safely deal with the individual in the car. The individual was arrested for physical obstruction of a governmental function. Quin Segal. He is 23 and he’s from Fargo. There’s no indication that there was alcohol involved in this case. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t, the report just doesn’t say it.”

Lykken said Segal was held on $400 bail.

He faces one misdemeanor charge for interfering with a government operation.

Since being posted on Facebook, the video has almost 500 shares and has more than 40,000 views.

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