Democratic Leaders Host Summerfest for Metro Area

The event is focused on getting to know their voters while also discussing their plans for the 2018 election

FARGO, ND — Democratic lawmakers for North Dakota are grilling brats and burgers at Rheault Farm in Fargo.

The event is focused on getting to know their voters while also discussing their plans for the 2018 election.

KVRR’s Nick Broadway joins us live from the farm with more.

NICK BROADWAY: I’m at Dem-NPL’s Summerfest 2017. They’ve got burgers and brats on the grills, as well as Merrill Piepkorn on the guitar and kazoo behind me.  I am joined with North Dakota’s first Democrat to step up to the plate against Congressman Kevin Cramer. This is Ben Hanson. Thank you so much for joining us. Tell us, what is Summerfest 2017 all about?

BEN HANSON/(D) RUNNING FOR U.S. HOUSE: Summerfest 2017 is all about getting some good food on the grill, having some fun music being played by our local elected officials, including State Senator Merrill Piepkorn and bringing Democrats together as a family to enjoy one of the remaining weeks of the summer days. Also, to raise some money to bring the party up.

NB: Now, for Democrats as a whole in the state of North Dakota, what is the strategy as we move into the 2018 election?

BH: Our strategy is going to be to protect our U.S. Senator, Heidi Heitkamp and defending that seat, having an interesting Congressional race that I may just be a very large part of and getting a lot of good candidates on the down ticket to be addressing races like the Attorney General’s race, the Secretary of State’s race and the Ag Commissioner’s race. They are so important to North Dakota state government and have a lot of incumbents who have been there a very long time and might not be there for so long. It’s time for a new generation of leadership and we’re here to provide that.

NB: If you do take the seat, what will you do for the state of North Dakota?

BH: First thing I would do is seek a seat on the Agriculture Committee to make sure the 2018 Farm Bill renewal is a strong renewal that helps protect North Dakota farmers, import/export and keeps a good, strong crop insurance program going for North Dakota farmers. We’ve had some commodity prices dip, we’ve had some drought conditions and we need to make sure that we’re there for the number one industry in our state: Agriculture.

We will have much more on Summerfest 2017 on KVRR Local News at 9.

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