Democratic NPL Prepares for Next Election with Burgers and Music

Summerfest is an annual community event put up by the party to meet their voters

FARGO, ND — As democrats in North Dakota approach the 2018 election season, part of their strategy involves burgers, brats and music.

Summerfest 2017 brought many of the state’s Democratic NPL politicians to Rheault Farm in Fargo.

The smells of fresh patties and Merrill Piepkorn’s music are a small part the Democratic-NPL campaign strategy.

“It’s really just a chance for people to get together and socialize, raise a little bit of money along the way,” said Democratic NPL Chair Kylie Oversen.

With more than one hundred showing up to their community picnic, Kylie Oversen says more and more new faces are getting involved with the party.

“I would say that President Trump is the catalyst for a lot of people getting involved for the first time,” Oversen said. “Either because they’re scared about how he impacts their own lives or their neighbor’s lives.”

Some of their goals for 2018 are defending the seats they already have in the state and focusing on what’s good for North Dakotans.

They’re also getting a head start on election season.

Ben Hanson recently became the first state democrat to announce an attempt at taking Congressman Kevin Cramer’s seat.

“I need to get started early because as much as I would like to be, I’m not a self-financing millionaire,” Hanson said. “I need to work for a living.”

If he wins, Hanson said he would focus more on helping North Dakota’s people and getting a strong farm bill.

“I feel like Congressman Cramer has jumped in and become part of the game of cable news punditry,” Hanson said. “I would bring a sense of coming together that would make Washington more functional.”

They said the event was all about getting the voters to meet the politicians and candidates over a fresh burger and some potato salad.

Although many local politicians showed up, they said all are welcome to events like these.

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