NDSU Students Move in For Fall Semester 2017

Thousands of students are back at NDSU for the fall semester and upperclassmen are helping them settle in

FARGO, ND — “Today’s the big day,” said Rian Nostrum, the Residence Life Director, at North Dakota State University.

Thousands of students are back at NDSU for the fall semester and upperclassmen are helping them settle in.

“We’ve already got a lot of positive feedback from the families that they were surprised how quickly they get put into the room,” said Nostrum.

“I don’t remember there being this many students helping everybody out,” said Cameron Sorrells, a student volunteer who is a junior at NDSU. “It’s really good to see so many people turning out and volunteering just to be the first contact with the freshman.”

Packed cars pull up to the dorms and volunteers get excited to welcome the new Bison.

“We swarm their vehicles and their like wow there’s almost nothing else for me to do,” said Sorrells.

“They appreciate that they are not alone and that there’s a welcoming group that literally are cheering as they pull the vehicle up,” said Nostrum.

Over 400 student volunteers are teaching new NDSU students what it really means to be a Bison.

This year they’re showing first year students NDSU spirit on their first night on campus.

“They will actually all go to kind of a rally,” said Nostrum. “This is their first opportunity to learn what it means to be a bison maybe learn a few of those cheers that they’re going to hear at a football game or a volleyball game. Although we still get a lot of students from kind of the hundred mile radius we are getting a lot more students coming from other parts of the country.”

“Being here at NDSU isn’t just about getting a college education or just a college experience, it’s about being here with other people,” said Sorrells.

With both new and old students coming together for move in day and faculty are proud to be a part of NDSU.

“We’re just very appreciative that it’s really a campus and a community effort and go bison,” said Nostrum.

Classes start on Monday at 4:00p.m., so upper–class students will move in throughout the weekend.

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