Sandy’s Donuts Opens on Sunday for the First Time

Fore more than 30 years, the family run business stayed closed on Sundays

WEST FARGO, ND — For the first time in more than three decades, a popular bakery business opens seven days a week.

Sandy’s Donuts had their inaugural Sunday opening at both the West Fargo and downtown Fargo locations.

It’s 5:30 in the morning.

Trucks are getting ready to take fresh donuts from Sandy’s West Fargo home base to its other location on Broadway in Fargo.

For the business’ 100 plus employees, it’s become routine.

But this is still a new beginning.

“It’s been a request from customers for quite a while now that we open on Sundays,” said manager Jamie Tate.

For the first time in more than three decades, Sandy’s Donuts is open on Sunday.

“It’s one thing that Sandy, who started the business, he always was closed on Sundays,” Tate said. “Customer demand over the years has grown over the years to be open on Sundays, and so we’re doing it for our customers.”

At 5:40 sharp, Sandy’s first Sunday customer placed his order:

Light roast coffee with a heated up caramel roll and a marble donut for here.

When asked why Americans eat a dessert for breakfast, Tate said, “It’s always been a breakfast food in this country. That’s just what it’s been. It’s never been truly a desert.”

As the sun continued to rise, the West Fargo location became packed with families dropping off their kids for college and post-church breakfast goers.

“I have the Apple Cluster,” said Krystal Jols of Moorhead. “Maggie got Dirt n’ Worms. Jack has a caramel roll and a light chocolate raised donut. We’ve been coming here since Jack was probably two.”

“I heard that there was a Big Sandy’s Donut and I’m like, I wanna get that,” said Liam Kneer of Maplewood, Minnesota. “So I persuaded my parents to let me get it and so I’m gonna eat it.”

This isn’t only happening at Sandy’s West Fargo location.

Their downtown location on Broadway will also wake up early on Sundays.

Even after Sandy’s passing in 2008, the family business continued to grow.

With more people falling in love with this family run business and their donuts, why not start the week of right?

The North Dakota Blue Law does not have an effect on Sandy’s Donuts since it is a restaurant, not a retail store.

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