Senator Hoeven Holds a Roundtable to Discuss the 2018 Farm Bill

An agriculture roundtable was held to discuss concerns from agriculture producers across the state

CASSELTON ND — North Dakota farmers and ranchers met with Senator Hoeven for an agricultural roundtable to talk about their worries and desires over the 2018 farm bill.

Senator Hoeven laid his outline of the 2018 Farm Bill on the table and said getting feedback is the best way to improve any concerns from the producers.

More agriculture research, revenue programs for corn and a trade increase were just a few things that haven’t been sitting well for some farmers.

“We do a wonderful job producing corn and all commodities in the country but we also need to trade,” said Randy Melvin, who is the vice president of the North Dakota Farm Growers. “We need to export this stuff out of this country.”

Senator Hoeven said this is why he wanted to meet with everyone now, to get a head start on making a change.

“We’ve been having drought meetings around the state, but here in the valley, this was really about the farm bill,” said Senator Hoeven. “We’re getting input now because we’ll work to write the farm bill and pass it next year.”

“Policy makers in D.C. are already discussing the changes, or what they what to obtain in the upcoming farm bill,” Melvin said. “It just gives agriculture producers and commodity groups an opportunity to visit what we’d like to see.”

The number one concern among many of the Ag producers is strong crop insurance and the alarming number of budget cuts that may affect it.

“So when are those cuts going to be made? How are they going to affect the ability for management for Ag producers of the state?” asked Melvin.

Ultimately, Hoeven said it’s a joint effort between all farmers and ranchers across the country to make sure the 2018 Farm Bill is in favor of everyone.

“We work to remind people, in Washington D.C. and the cities, that a good farm program benefits every single American every single day,” Senator Hoeven said.

He said he will continue to work on securing relief for all farmers and ranchers during the drought.

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