Farm Rescue’s “Hay Convoy” Deploys to Help North Dakota Producers

Several local businesses and truck drivers volunteered time and resources

ROTHSAY, Minn. — A team of volunteers left Rothsay this morning to help drought stricken farmers in North Dakota.

“There is hope and somebody does care about them,” said Nic Hendrickx with Farm Rescue.

Farm Rescue rounded up more than 16 trucks for their hay convoy with the help of volunteers.

Several local businesses and truck drivers are letting the team use their vehicles and resources for the day as they drive more than 200 miles across the Valley.

“It’s all of America that suffers when the Ag producers are failing,” Hendrickx said. “They feed our world and we got to help keep them going.”

The latest U.S. Drought Monitor map shows about 60 percent of the state in some form of drought, ranging from moderate to extreme conditions.

Footage is courtesy of Dan Erdmann with Farm Rescue.

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