Community Coming Together to Support Greywind Family

A Red Light Project is also being started for Greywind

FARGO, ND — Savanna Greywind’s story has the community springing into action.

People are finding all sorts of ways to support Greywind’s family during this tough time.

If the F-M community has proven anything in the past few days, it’s that they’re willing to do anything they can to help Greywind’s family move forward with their lives.

People have been placing all sorts of items in a memorial outside Greywind’s home from flowers to a picture a neighbor drew of her dream catcher tattoo.

A Red Light Project is also being started for Greywind.

Anyone can buy a $5 red lightbulb to place in the front of their homes from Good Bulbs and all of the proceeds will go to Greywind’s baby.

Over $1,000 has been raised so far but the goal is to raise $5,000.

Some say helping the family is part of their own healing process.

“Being there for each other, it helps us grieve too,” said Jessica Moen of Fargo. “When I heard they found her body, my heart broke in half. I didn’t cry but I was going to cry. But I stopped myself. It’s like losing your own daughter.”

An official fund has also been set up for Greywind’s family at U.S. Bank in her daughter’s name, Haisley Jo.

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