American Idol is Coming to Fargo

American Idol auditions will take place at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Fargo on 42nd Street South in Fargo at 9 a.m.

FARGO, N.D. —Get your vocal chords ready because American Idol is coming to Fargo. The singing competition is coming back to TV and singers in the area are anxiously waiting for their chance to wow the judges.

Dreams of becoming a singing sensation is exactly why Concordia student Mikayla Jackson will be one of the hundreds filling these seats and auditioning for American Idol tomorrow right here in Fargo.

“I’m hoping to get somewhere with it,” said Jackson. “Honestly if I got somewhere, the possibilities are endless.”

Others agree, auditioning for the show was a no brainer and truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, regardless of the outcome.

“It’s always been a dream of mine since it first came out and it just never worked out because it was too far away,” said Detroit Lakes native Tahnee Lohnes. “And it just happens to be in Fargo, so I’m just like why not?”

“I’ve been dodging a lot of the things that I could do to reach my dreams but this audition is going to be like ‘okay I’m fighting my anxiety, I’m going to be okay and whatever happens even if they do say no, I tried,” said Detroit Lakes native Chelsea Poser.

Each of them also say they were inspired to come here to audition after years of watching their favorite former Idols.

“Kelly Clarkson, definitely. I really like her music. I like her sound of her voice,” said Lohnes.

“Tory Kelly, for sure,” said Jackson. “I went and saw her in concert, she was a really big inspiration for me. She didn’t win but she’s been a big inspiration of mine.”

These singers will get the opportunity to rise to stardom like Kelly Clarkson and Tory Kelly, starting tomorrow.

Auditions will take place at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Fargo on 42nd Street South in Fargo. Registration will begin at 7 a.m. with auditions starting at 9 a.m.