Police Detain Suspect In Double Stabbing

Two people including a pregnant woman were hurt Monday morning after a stabbing in a Grand Forks apartment

GRAND FORKS, ND — Police have a man in custody who matches the description for the man responsible for stabbing two people in Grand Forks.

Two people including a pregnant woman were hurt Monday morning after a stabbing in a Grand Forks apartment.

Many neighbors were frightened by the screams and the blood but many are still confused as to what really happened.

Just after 10 am Monday morning police responded to a report of a stabbing at 4265 5th Avenue North in Grand Forks.

“We walked outside, we saw her boyfriend on the floor being tackled by police officers because I guess they didn’t know what had happened either.” said Jordan Holwerda and Ladonna Smith, neighbors in the apartment building.

“By the time they arrived the suspect had already fled the area and there was two victims there that had been involved. We heard all of the rustling out of nowhere and we were sitting there wondering what it was and then a man fell off the balcony on the second floor into our patio, and we saw him fall,” said Lt. Brett Johnson with the Grand Forks Police Department.

Many neighbors heard the woman’s scream’s from her apartment.

“Watching TV with my daughter, and we heard something like help help,” said Joseph Appaianing, another neighbor.

Many saw the aftermath on the first floor hallway.

“I looked right there and there was blood all over the wall and the floor,” said Landon Olson a 10 year old visiting the building.

“We saw blood all over the door and I saw a police man standing at the other end telling me not to touch the door,” said Appaianing.

Some of neighbors say that the screaming did not surprise them at first. They had heard fights before coming from the apartment.

“We hear it all the time, they fought plenty of times, ya know everyday sometimes. We see him argue outside, screaming at each other,” said Holwerda and Smith.

Police arrested a man who matched the description of the suspect.

“Yeah we did take a suspect into custody on a burglary that occurred at the same residence,” said Johnson.

The incident shook neighbors up.

“It kind of got to my nerves because I thought I was going to die kind of because I thought he was in this building,” said Olson.

The building sent a notice out to each apartment to let people know they take safety and security very seriously. They hired pro dog security to regularly monitor this property.

It is not yet known why the man climbed the side of the apartment building and stabbed two people.

Police are still investigating but for now the building is taking safety measures.

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