Rape and Abuse Crisis Center Celebrating 40 Years of Offering Healing and Support to the Red River Valley

FARGO, ND — Fargo’s Rape and Abuse Crisis Center is celebrating 40 years of providing services to families throughout the Red River Valley.

Throughout their time in the valley, the center has been working to not only help those who are facing a crisis and offer counseling, they also want to educate people on how to get out and get help.

In 2016, the center helped 3,100 victims of abuse and educated nearly 20,000 people through their programs for the public, middle schools and high schools.

While the age may be so-called “over the hill”, the organization is stronger than ever and leaders say their exceptional staff is who to thank for their success.

“When I look at the staff and the compassion of the staff, the expertise of the staff, it’s hard not to be inspired every day,” said Executive Director Dr. Christopher Johnson. “When I go home and just kind of see the impact that collectively we’re all having on the community, it’s pretty moving.”

Leaders say they want to continue to focus on more education in the future, especially for our most vulnerable elders and children.

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