Supporters of Fired Fargo Officer David Boelke Speak at Hearing

His wife and a retired West Fargo officer defended Boelke in front of city commissioners

FARGO, ND — In spite of his termination, about 300 people signed an online petition in support of Boelke.

Two of his supporters spoke to Fargo city commissioners explaining why they think he should be given a second chance.

His wife, Heidi Boelke, made her stance clear in front of officers and city leaders.

She claimed other law enforcement officers with the department were not let go for their unruly actions.

“Deputy Chief (Ross) Renner failed to follow the department’s disciplinary policies,” said his wife, Heidi Boelke. “A question should be, who should hold Deputy Chief Renner accountable for violating these policies? I also want you to keep in mind throughout today, Chief Todd has a son of his own who is a police officer. Ask yourself, would Chief Todd terminate his son under these circumstances? You have the authority and obligation to restore Dave’s reputation.”

A retired West Fargo officer also took the podium.

He said he has fond memories of working alongside Boelke.

He told commissioners about a social space he started when the department needed it most.

“He’s the one who was able to have available in February of last year when our officers needed someplace to be, to socialize, after Jason’s death,” said Grant Benjamin, a retired West Fargo police officer. “This in regards to being where we’re at today, I just don’t understand how it came there.”

The description for the online petition implies there are other people who support David Boelke but are unable to sign for legal reasons.

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