Former Fargo Officer Loses Appeal, Will Not be Reinstated

David Boelke appealed his removal from the force to clear his name

FARGO, ND — The Civil Service Commission will not reinstate a former police officer who was fired from his job in August.

David Boelke appealed his removal from the force to clear his name.

It’s a case the Fargo Civil Service Commission says was no easy job.

“It’s a challenge,” said Jane Pettinger, who is on the FCSC. “This is the most challenging hearing we’ve had in my many years.”

Last week, the commission met with former officer David Boelke and the Fargo Police Department at an appeals meeting to determine if Boelke should be reinstated to the force.

Based on all the evidence provided, the commission voted 5-0 to not reinstate Boelke.

“It has been moved that we uphold the termination of Officer Boelke from the Fargo Police Department in the city of Fargo,” Pettinger announced.

Although upholding Boelke’s termination came to a unanimous vote, the decision about his honesty was a different story.

“Our findings state the claim of dishonesty is not supported by sufficient, competent evidence,” Pettinger said.

The commission could not decide if Boelke was dishonest about showing up to calls Fargo Police said he never showed up to.

“For the life of me, I don’t know why Officer Boelke would lie,” said Paul Grindeland, who is also on the FCSC. “He knows the GPS evidence is going to be there. He helped install the system from what I understand.”

According to Boelke’s lawyer, Mark Friese, the decision should have gone a different way.

“In my view, a 15-year veteran police officer who has a proven track record of being honest, you give them the benefit of the doubt,” Friese said.

However, he also said it’s not a simple decision to make.

“It’s not as simple as was he lying or was he not lying,” Friese added. “There’s a middle approach here. He could have had a mistaken recollection. When he was terminated and branded a liar, which is completely false, it has future implications for him.”

Once the commission provides their findings from the appeals meetings, Boelke’s attorney said he [Boelke] will evaluate his options about what to do next.

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