Governor Burgum, First Lady Kathryn Honor Michael Kaspari and the Run for Recovery

The Run for Recovery is about more than addiction awareness

FARGO, ND — Governor Doug Burgum and North Dakota’s First Lady are joining hundreds of runners in Fargo.

The Run for Recovery is about more than addiction awareness.

They’re remembering the life of a local leader.

KVRR’s Nick Broadway joins us from Lindenwood Park with more.

NICK BROADWAY, REPORTING: I’m near the main shelter at Lindenwood Park where hundreds of people have shown up to run in honor of Michael Kaspari. He helped a lot of people who are recovering from drug addiction in the Fargo-Moorhead area and a lot of people across the Red River Valley. Two people who have joined the run today are none other than Governor Doug Burgum and First Lady Kathryn. Gov. Burgum, can you tell me why people are here running in memory of this man? Why is this important to you?

GOVERNOR DOUG BURGUM: He touched a lot of lives and a lot of people. I think it’s important, given the crisis we’re having in our country right now with drug overdoses last year in America, killing 64,000 people. That’s a record in the history of our country. It’s time to raise awareness and it’s time to have everybody understand that we all need to chip in and solve the disease of addiction.”

NB: Kathryn, it’s nice to see the two of you kind of taking a break from politics and come out here and get some exercise and remember what Mr. Kaspari has done. Why is this important to you?

FIRST LADY KATHRYN HELGAAS-BURGUM: Well, it’s important to me because Mike truly is a legend and a pioneer in the battle against addiction in our state. He has really impacted so many people and I actually did my recovery treatment at First Step Recovery. I’m an alum of this great place that he started. I’ve got this name, Patrick, on my number here and Patrick is a friend who actually died of alcoholism, so it’s an opportunity to remember people like Patrick and to be so thankful for people like Mike who really have impacted and have done so much for so many people related to addiction.

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