West Fargo Residents Celebrate their Community at West Fest

The whole day was filled with events such as parades, vendors and craft shows

WEST FARGO, N.D. —¬†This weekend, West Fargo isn’t just a place where you live:¬† It’s a community you can celebrate. It’s a “city on the grow.”

But West Fargo locals say it keeps the small town feel.

“You know your neighbors. Your kids all play together. Even as it gets bigger, it maintains that feeling,” said Jennifer Erends, event coordinator for the West Fest Craft and Vendor Show.

It’s why Metro residents recognize West Fargo at the annual West Fest celebration.

The streets were packed with their parade and a vendor and craft show.

“It’s a very vibrant and active community and we’re very glad to be here,” said Heather Bryant. “(It’s a) good way to run into people you haven’t seen in awhile and get to know more about the community.”

Kids came for something else though.

“Because there’s a lot of candy,” said Heather’s nine-year-old son, Will.

There may by giant floats, drums and endless candy, but the true meaning behind the parade is the community.

“We all work well together. We’re a great community. We all help each other when we need it and that’s what sets us apart,” said Krislynn Sanders, West Fest volunteer.

Erends says she loves how her neighbors and the school system treat her three kids.

“My youngest child is autistic. They’ve done amazing things to support him,” Erends said. “The teachers in West Fargo are great, the community is safe, I don’t feel like my kids can’t go out in the yard and be safe and be kids.”

For Sanders, she wants to do more than celebrate. Her dream is to become a police officer to protect the place she calls home.

“This is home for me, I’m always going to call this home,” Sanders said. “It’s just the best place to be.”


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