With Death of Burnsville Teen, NDSU Students Reflect on Social Choices

Devin's school is also offering support to his fellow classmates

FARGO, ND — A teen who was found unresponsive at an NDSU dorm on Sunday and was later pronounced dead has been identified as 17-year-old Devin Delaney of Burnsville, Minnesota.

A spokesperson for the family says Devin was passionate about hockey and lacrosse at his high school.

He says the family is devastated and asking for privacy.

A GoFundMe account is taking donations for the family for funeral and other expenses.

It has raised over $16,000 in just six hours.

Devin’s school is also offering support to his fellow classmates.

His death is still under investigation.

A few students on campus say there may have been drinking in the dorm where the teen was staying.

Although nothing is confirmed, this wouldn’t be the first time an alcohol related death has happened on a college campus.

What started off as a normal weekend at NDSU has turned into a tragedy for a high school senior.

Now people are asking was alcohol a factor?

Binge drinking on college campuses is common across the country, even with underage students.

Don Martin, who is with FM Ambulance, said college kids are playing drinking games and taking part in activities where they are consuming a high amount of alcohol very quickly.

This type of behavior can result in a deadly incident and many of these young college students need to be educated on taking the right steps to protect those in danger.

“If you have any questions, if your gut is saying there is something wrong, your gut is going to know there is something wrong,” Martin said. “You should be calling 911 so that we can get there and provide any lifesaving procedures.”

“Even if you know what you’ve been doing is wrong, even if you’ve been using drugs or alcohol or any dangerous things, you call 911 and make sure that people live through the incident,” said NDSU student, Gunnar Cowing.

Students on campus said they don’t want to jump to conclusions about the death on campus being alcohol related.

However, they say they are going to take steps to be smart drinkers.

At nine, hear more than health officials about the dangers of binge drinking.

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