Travel Agency Says to Book Holiday Travel ASAP

Travel Travel of Fargo Urge People to Book Holiday Flights Soon to Get Best Deal

FARGO, ND — The holidays may seem a long ways ahead, but if you’re planning to book a flight over the holiday season, you may want to act fast.

Travel Travel travel agency in Fargo said the longer you wait to book your flight, especially at smaller airports such as Hector International Airport, the more likely you will see a huge price spike.

They also said flying on a weekday instead of a weekend could save you some money.

When it comes to the magic number of how many days in advance to book a flight, they say 21 days.

“As we get closer to the dates, as flights start to book up, prices go higher,” said Patty Auka of Travel Travel. “The closer you get to the holiday, the more the flights are booked up, the higher the price of the tickets are.”

Travel agencies also said with the crazy weather and hurricanes we’ve been seeing lately, it is smart to purchase travel insurance so you’re guaranteed a refund.

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