AARP Hosts Event to Teach Seniors About Scams in F-M Area

AARP, Fargo Police Department, and Cass County Sheriff's Office Teach the Community About Scams in FM Area

FARGO, ND — Seniors are usually the targets of scams in our area.

To help inform the community on these scams, AARP held a Scams Lunch & Learn event.

AARP, along with the Fargo Police Department and the Cass County Sheriff’s Office had some tips to avoid getting scammed.

A popular scam in the F-M area is a call from the IRS.

“There’s someone calling, claiming that they’re from the IRS and that you owe money and if you don’t pay it right now the county sheriff is going to come arrest you,” said AARP State Director Josh Askvig. “It’s a fraud, it’s a scam, the IRS isn’t going to call you and they’ll send you a certified mail before they ever were to get that far.”

Attendee, Bev Bernhagen, said they are no stranger to that scam.

“I’ve received the IRS calls,” Bernhagen said. “Usually, if I don’t know the number, I don’t answer it. If it’s important enough, they’ll leave a voicemail.”

Another popular scam is the grandparent scam.

“It’ll sound like your grandchild is calling from some foreign country and they have supposedly been in an accident and demand payment so that your grandchild doesn’t stay in jail forever.” Askvig said. “Again, hang up. Call your family. Make sure, ‘is your grandchild really in Mexico, in a car accident, or turns out no, they’re actually in North Fargo and safe and sound and fine.'”

AARP also said to never give out your social security number over the phone or send money to someone who you don’t know.

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