LIVE: Gathering for Healing Brings Community Together

The Gathering of Healing after the death of Savanna Greywind at Island Park

FARGO, ND — Close friends, family and volunteers who helped search efforts are remembering Savanna Greywind at Island Park in Fargo.

They’re calling it a Gathering for Healing.

KVRR’s Nick Broadway is there with a look at this ceremony.

NICK BROADWAY, REPORTING: The ceremony has yet to begin and we’ve been asked to point our cameras away when it does out of respect. The ceremony is an opportunity to provide for those who feel they are emotionally affected by the tragedy of Savanna Greywind. This is especially for friends and family and people who helped with the search efforts. I’m LIVE here with Ruth Buffalo. She’s part of the Fargo Native American Commission. Ruth, what is the purpose of this ceremony and why are we having it today?

RUTH BUFFALO, FARGO NATIVE AMERICAN COMMISSION: The purpose is for healing. As a new member to the Fargo Native American Commission, we are an extension off of the City of Fargo and part of our mission is to help enrich our Native American community here. Ultimately, to provide a space for healing and it’s also open to the entire public.

NB: What are some of the items in the ceremony?

RB: It’s a healing ceremony. We have a drum group here that is going to be singing healing songs and we have a spiritual leader and others here as well. The ceremony will take place at Island Park and the public is welcome to join us.

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