Homeward Animal Shelter Offers Microchip Clinic for Dogs

The chip is placed between the dog's shoulder and neck

FARGO, N.D. — Shelter managers say microchips are a pet’s ticket home.  Homeward Animal Shelter is offering microchips for dogs at $20.

Staff at the shelter say dogs can’t feel the chip, which is placed between their shoulder and neck.

The chip has a barcode put into a nationwide database to help locate lost pets.

They say pet parents must remember to register the chip once it’s inserted.

“If it’s registered and they end up in the local pounds, all the local pounds are scanning those animals and they’re looking to see and make sure there isn’t a microchip,” said Heather Clyde, Homeward Animal Shelter manager. “If there is, they’re contacting owners right away and reuniting people rather than the animal possibly going to an adoption agency like ours and be readopted.”

This was the fifth and final microchip clinic the shelter will have this year.  They will host more in the spring.

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