International Day of Peace Celebrations Continue in the F-M Area

The day was full of songs, guest speakers and a candlelight vigil

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Ezzat al-Haidai and his family moved from Iraq to Fargo in 2014, they were being persecuted for his involvement with the U.S. military.  Since arriving, he says his family gained everything they need.

“Fargo-Moorhead is a beautiful city, it’s safe, good education, we believe we have a pot of different people living together with no problems,” al-Haidai  said.

He says his difficult journey taught him a lot about peace.

“Humanity is ahead of everything,” al-Haidai said. “We are human before we belong to any other social groups.”

It’s the message they spread all day at Trinity Lutheran Church.

International Day of Peace was celebrated with songs, a candlelight vigil and guest speakers.

MSUM professor Konrad Czynski told the crowd what peace means to him.

“The golden rule is essentially love your neighbor as yourself, do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” Czynski said.

Some kids are already picking up that idea at a young age.

“Peace is a love,” said 11-year-old Delkhos.

“When we walk together, when we live together,” Dagash al-Hayder said. 

“Peace is for everyone,” al-Haidai’s son Chira said.

With the world still filled with conflict, al-Haidai says we need to keep this idea in mind.

“We have to be wise. Violence can never be solved with more violence,” al-Haidai said. “Hate will create another hate. So we have to face hate with peace.”

According to Czynski, the only way to accomplish peace is by looking in the mirror first.

“It has to start with us as individuals,” Czynski said. “Easier said than done but we need models, we need persons to inspire us who see the better path.”

A final International Day of Peace event will be held tomorrow at the Ed Clapp Senior Center.

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