Dress for Success: Empowerment, Confidence and Getting What You Want

From head to heels, these are the outfits Dress for Success uses to help women excel at their job interviews

FARGO, ND — For many of the models at the Attire to Inspire fashion show, entering the workforce had obstacles.

Not only did they land jobs, they’re helping inspire other women to gain the confidence needed to spark their careers.

From head to heels, these are the outfits Dress for Success uses to help women excel at their job interviews.

“It is a good program for people who are struggling,” said West Fargo model, Angela Garcia.

She would know: she went through it.

Before landing her job at Pepsi, Garcia said the interview process was her biggest struggle.

“They [Dress for Success] give you that confidence to go out there and knock out those interviews,” Garcia said. “I have a job thanks to them and it’s amazing.”

Her journey with the program didn’t stop there.

Angela is now a part of it, helping other women get back in the workforce game and gliding across the catwalk.

“You feel better when you love what you’re wearing,” said Attire to Inspire Co-Chair, Hannah Sorensen. “When you can help women feel good about what they’re wearing, they’re going to go further in the work force and they’re going to have a bigger impact in the community.”

For years, Dress for Success has been all about getting confidence.

“It’s about transformation from maybe not feeling worthy of being in the workforce to feeling empowered and confident to changing their lives around,” Sorensen said.

“Having people feel like they’re confident enough to go in and get the dream job that they really want, I think, it just puts moral into the community and just makes us better as a whole,” said Fargo model, Jenny Johnson.

While only some of these models went through the program, all are helping women in the valley go from job seeker to career holder, and that includes KVRR’s very own, Alison Voorhees.

Dress for Success has already helped more than 300 women enter the workforce this year.

They’re going for 500 by the end of 2017.

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