Minnesota Group Reenacts Civil War Battle

they also worked on a trench, camped out, did war drills, held a posting guard detail

OAKPORT, Minn. — The Minnesota Infantry Company D took people back in time to the Civil War at Probstfield Farm in Oakport.

The organization held a battle reenactment between people dressed as Confederate and Union soldiers.

They also had troops working on a trench, posting guard detail, camping out and doing war drills.

Twenty-five people became a part of the reenactment, including a baby.

“Most people that do this hobby, it’s just kind of that rush of firing the black powder, trying to experience it,” said Daniel Sauerwein, second lieutenant with the 5th Minnesota Infantry Company D. “Nothing that we ever do will fully capture the full experience of a civil war soldier.”

Any history buffs who want to get involved with the Minnesota Infantry Company D can click here for more information.

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