Fargo Police Reopen 24-Year-Old Missing Person Cold Case

But Kevin never arrived. 24 years later, his family is still confused as to what really happened that fall evening

FARGO, ND — On October 2nd, 1993, Kevin Mahoney went missing.

Twenty-four years later, his family is still looking for answers.

He was last seen leaving a friend’s house and heading towards his brother’s south Moorhead apartment.

“The place where Kevin disappeared at was a main party place,” said Michele Elsenpeter, Kevin’s brother.

But Kevin never arrived.

His family is still confused as to what really happened that fall evening.

“Since day one, we’ve always thought it was foul place involved because Kevin would never just walk away from the family or anything like that,” Michele said.

Year after year, Michele and her family hang up posters in hope for answers.

She said this year will hopefully be different.

“I’m kind of excited this year,” Michele said. “Hopefully, it will be our last year of hanging up flyers.”

Michele said the Fargo Police Department is reopening the case now that new detectives are working with the department.

“They have new eyes on the case,” Michele said. “They have questions. They want to re–question people and see if they can find out any more information.”

Over the years, his family has spoken to the people living in the house where Kevin was last seen.

“When I found out about what happened it was scary,” said Whitney Nerit, who lived in the house as a child. “They thought that he may be buried in the house.”

Police have visited the property on multiple occasions but it still remains a mystery.

“I just hope that he’s found one day and that they can get closure because I feel really bad for them,” Nerit said.

His family is hoping authorities will finally be able to provide some insight into what happened on that horrific night.

“All these years, we want answers, we want closure and we want to put him to rest,” Michele said. “I promised my mom after she passed away I would never give up looking for him.”

When Mahoney went missing, he was 25 years old.

Today he would be 49.

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