Minot Man Undergoing Surgery After Being Shot in Las Vegas, Fargo Man Escapes by Hiding Under Bleachers

What should have been a night of fun turned into the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history

LAS VEGAS — A Minot was man was one of those shot in the Las Vegas massacre.

He is in stable condition, while six other concert goers from Fargo managed to escape the shooting unharmed.

What should have been a night of fun turned into the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history.

“We were sitting there watching Jason Aldean,” said witness Jon Hanson of Fargo. “It might have been his fourth song. We start hearing some noise and I thought the speakers were blowing up. Then somebody goes ‘no, it’s fireworks, look up.’ So I looked up and we didn’t hear any fireworks. Then all of a sudden, the screen goes black and the band takes off running and we’re like, ‘oh my God, that’s gunfire.'”

Hanson said he and his friends began hiding under the bleacher seats as the shots rang out.

“We were thinking at the time, ‘oh my God, he’s coming in,” Hanson said. “So then we said we gotta run. There was a gal that got shot right in front of me, right in the head. Then we kept going and hiding and ducking under cover as we run through the place. There was just so much blood and so many people lying on the ground.”

Hanson says he and his friends managed to make it out unharmed, but the same can’t be said for a Minot man.

Andrew Gudmunson, simply known as “Goody,” is recovering from surgery after getting shot in the abdomen.

One of his co-workers says he got out of surgery this afternoon.

“Oh I didn’t believe it right away,” said Dorothy Martwick. “Andrew is a very positive young man, very well liked. He’s very personable. He has good communication skills which helps in the real estate business. He’s just an overall good guy.”

His alma mater and hundreds more are retweeting the hashtag #goodystrong to show their support.

Gudmunson is a former UND athlete who played as backup in football before joining their baseball team.

Fighting Hawks Coach, Bubba Schweigert, said he knows Gudmunson.

“I’ve been able to meet him at alumni functions,” Schweigert said. “So we sure have he and his family in our thoughts and prayers today.”

At this time, Gudmunson’s co-workers are planning a benefit event for him as he continues his recovery.

While Gudmunson is reportedly in stable condition, we’re told there is more surgery ahead.

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