Doosan Bobcat Shows High School Students Importance of STEM Careers

they held a competition to see who could build the most skateboards in twenty minutes

FARGO, ND — Doosan Bobcat is celebrating National Manufacturing Day by teaching high school kids about what they do every day.

Students from North High, South High and Moorhead High School spent time working in small groups to see who could build the most skateboards in 20 minutes.

Bobcat says the skateboard was the best way to show students what they do in a simplified manner.

The goal of the lesson was to teach students all about the different roles involved from communication to supply chain.

“We’re hoping this will reinforce for students that STEM activities can be fun and that it’s not just all engineers either,” said Brianne Hoffman, Bobcat STEM ambassador. “It’s project management, it’s supply, it’s finance. There’s a lot of different things, a lot of parts and pieces that come with it.”

Bobcat had more than 500 students participate in factory tours and STEM activities across the state.

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