Honoring Hometown Heroes in East Grand Forks

All law enforcement, fire, EMS, doctors, nurses and military personal are being thanked for the lives they've touched

EAST GRAND FORKS, Minn. — Kids playing and families bonding is what Valley Corn Maize is all about.

“Seeing family and friends doing things together and creating memories and just having a really good time,” said Debbie Krueger, one of the owners.

They’re celebrating more than just community.

They’re honoring hometown heroes.

“We just feel like it’s one weekend we can set apart to just honor them and thank them for the service that they do for our community and our country,” said Debbie.

All law enforcement, fire, EMS, doctors, nurses, and military personal are being thanked for the lives they’ve touched.

“It makes you feel good and that people recognize the fact that you do sacrifice some stuff, miss a lot of family time,” said Jody Edwards, a hero and a worker at the farm.

After retiring from the Air Force, Jody Edwards helps create a one of a kind experience for families to enjoy.

“I helped build most of this. I built the slide design and built that,” said Jody.

He was excited to see his hard work in action.

“I was excited ya know, I was like a little kid,” said Jody.

The owners say running this family owned business can be tough but seeing it come to life is priceless.

“It makes all the work that it takes to get this up and running, that is when it makes me most happy,” said Debbie.

“To see the smile of their face yeah it’s worth it,” said Jody.

The last night of the corn maize is October 22nd with their flashlight dash going from 7:00 to 9:00.

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