Churches United Fundraiser: Annual Soup Competition Helping the Homeless in the Metro

The Gourmet Soup Kitchen is one of the biggest fundraisers for Churches United

FARGO, ND — Hundreds of business and political leaders throughout the metro are helping the homeless with competing soup recipes.

About 40 soup recipes line the tables at the Holiday Inn in Fargo.

“Everything from knoephla to one that is made with cheddar and apples,” said Lisa Richmond, Member Relations Director with Churches United

It’s for one of the biggest annual fundraisers for Churches United, a Moorhead group which helps house the homeless for the long-term.

To thank the business leaders who give back, they get to be the judges for the soup-off.

“Soup kitchens have been part of the service to homeless people in our country easily since the 1930’s,” Richmond said.

“Of course, these are gourmet soups and not the kind of community soups where everybody just brought what they had,” said Pastor Sue Koesterman, Executive Director of Churches United. “So it’s a real treat to have these soups.”

Soup connoisseurs placed their votes in the form of online donations, something Churches United officials said rakes in the big bucks.

“Folks can vote online with their dollars to choose the winning chef for this year,” Koesterman said. “The winning chef gets the golden ladle award. It’s kind of a big deal.”

Their goal for this year is to raise at least $85,000 and based on their count before the soup judging, they will exceed this goal.

“This summer, all five shelters in Fargo-Moorhead, for the most part, were full every night,” Richmond said. “That means that we’re going to have a very very full winter.”

“Part of it is to have those needs met budgetary, but another part of it is to raise awareness in the community,” Koesterman said. “This kind of event raises awareness in ways that budget doesn’t quite even begin to cover.”

She said the fight against homelessness is a tough one, but it’s made easier with gatherings like these.

If you want to help Churches United fight homelessness you can call their Moorhead location at (218) 236-0372.


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