Fargo and Metro COG Look To Improve Busy Route

17th Avenue South Corridor

FARGO, ND — Whether you are walking, driving, biking or using other means of transportation, the community shares the streets and sidewalks every day.

People say some of those streets in Fargo need to change.

Out on the roadways, bikers and drivers don’t always get along, especially on the 17th Avenue South corridor in Fargo.

“This corridor was identified by the public as one of the top priority corridors where we need some bicycle facilities”, said Dan Farnsworth, MetroCOG Transportation Planner.

Now bikers are pointing out exactly how to change that.

Transportation Planner Mike Bittner said, “We’re actually just going to get and feel the corridor from a firsthand view on a bike.”

Community riders got a feel for the roads and answered some important questions.

“What are the issues did you see, what are the problems you’ve encountered maybe not even today but ever on this corridor”, said Mike.

Riders say they usually vocalize concerns in a meeting, whereas this experience more hands on.

“We just want to get out and experience it but most of all just have some fun with the planning process.”

They made three stops along their biking route to stop and discuss changes they’d like to see.

“Educating motorists that bikers are allowed to be on the roadway and get to share that space would be a huge effort as well,” said Shelly Mahowald.

The city of Fargo and Metro COG have partnered up to implement change to this everyday commute.

The riders say this could be crucial.

“It would just mean a lot as far as connectivity if we were to have this connected,” said Dan.

Riders from all over the metro took part in bike audit and were able to learn from one another.

“I appreciate the stuff I learned on the bike ride today about how many feet are right of way. I really appreciate the education I got today,” said Shelly.

On Tuesday a public information meeting will be held on the lower level of West Acres Mall.

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