City of Fargo Prepping for First Snowfall of the Season

Staff at Fargo Public Works are checking the equipment and getting it prepared for the first snow of the season

FARGO, ND — With the possibility of snow falling in the Metro, it also means a higher chance of danger on the roads.

After a summer of warm days and beautiful sunshine, it is time to embrace a true North Dakota winter.

“Early fall snow storms can catch anybody off guard,” said Mark Williams, who is with Fargo Public Works.

Williams says workers are checking the equipment and getting it prepared for the first snow of the season.

“We’re always prepared for them,” he said. “We’re always monitoring the roads, 24 hours a day, ready to respond accordingly whenever it’s needed.”

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm watch within our region for Thursday.

It’s expected to go into Friday, which means it could be a snowy start to the weekend.

“This snowfall isn’t any different than any other snowfall,” Williams said. “We’ll be watching it, monitoring it 24 hours a day. I anticipate that we’ll end up going out with sanders to help keep the intersections with as much traction as possible.”

Public Works says they most likely will not pre-salt the roads for this storm but they will stay prepared for what’s ahead.

They want drivers to remember that safety is a first priority when driving in the snow and on the ice.

“Prepare and plan ahead because the traffic does slow down,” said Williams. “It does get slippery, especially this time of year. Drive for conditions and take your time.”

Regardless of the outcome of the storm, they will be on standby, ready to help those out on the roads.

Williams says they usually have things prepared by the middle of October for storms like these that may pop up early in the season.

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