F-M Stocks Up on Supplies With the First Snowfall Approaching

people say they're doing so to avoid getting in an accident

FARGO, ND — With blizzard conditions a possibility, people are starting to plan ahead.

For some people, that means stocking up at the grocery store.

Some people say they’re looking forward to the winter weather that’s coming.

“Yeah, I’m so excited for the winter,” Gonga Gurung said. 

Others describe Fargo winters another way.

“Brutal, extreme. The wind is treacherous and you’re just not going to want to like it here,” Josiah Brijlalo said. 

People are preparing for the first snowfall of the year by getting all the supplies they need at the grocery store.

They say they’re doing so for their own safety.

“The first time it snows here, everybody gets into so many accidents so you don’t want to be in that category either so just staying off the roads is probably going to be the best for everybody,” Joyce Terry said.

Officials at Hornbacher’s say they’ve already seen more people in the stores than they normally do, and some customers aren’t surprised.

“If it’s like blizzard-like warning that we’ve got tomorrow. That would probably pick up business, I would think,” Terry said. “But in general snowstorms here in Fargo, of course we’re not just going to rush out to the store like they do in the south and kind of stock up on everything because we’re pretty much prepared here.”

And for those that are used to the weather in Florida, it’s a much different story.

“I can never prepare because you never know how it’s going to be,” Brijlalo said.

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