Make Sure Your Lawn is Ready for the Winter

Baker Nursery in Fargo Gives Tips on How to Prepare Your Lawn for the Cold Months Ahead

FARGO, ND — As the cold months approach us, it’s time to prepare your lawn if you haven’t already done so.

Winterizing your lawn is very important.

Baker Nursery in Fargo recommends mowing leaves into your grass.

“They’ll mulch down into the soil layer, they’ll help retain moisture over the winter and then they’ll also act as a weed barrier so that those seeds don’t develop,” said Phaidra Yunker, theĀ Greenhouse Manager at Baker Nursery.

If you had vegetables in the garden, you want to remove root and all from the ground.

This will help prevent disease for next season.

“It’s important to get that plant material out, especially if you did have issues this year,” Yunker said.

If you have cold temperature plants in your garden but they’re still in their first few seasons, you want to be sure to protect them.

“Anything that you planted this year, general way to protect from cold is you can pile leaves up on the crown of the plant,” Yunker said. “Another thing you can do is if you have bags of mulch around, you can mound up mulch.”

Don’t be afraid of snow covering your plants.

“Snow is our friend,” Yunker confirmed. “When it comes to plants, snow is our friend. It’s the best natural insulator.”

Yunker said as long as the fresh snow isn’t contaminated by salt, she recommends dumping your shoveld snow on top of your flower beds.

She also said it’s important to water your plants until the ground has a hard frost because the roots are still developing underneath the soil.

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