Supporting a Brother in Blue: Community Rallies Around Former Fargo Officer After Injury

And for eight years, Fred Lassonde responded to that call as an officer with the Fargo Police Department

FARGO, ND — One former Fargo Police Officer made an impression on the community during his eight years of service, but has now taken off his badge after a life threatening injury.

When you need help, police officers are the first people you think to call.

For eight years, Fred Lassonde responded to that call as an officer with the Fargo Police Department.

“His department enjoyed having him for eight years,” said Detective Philip Swan. “His community is thankful for the service that he’s done.”

It wasn’t the long career the 34–year–old imagined.

In March of 2017, while enjoying a hard–earned day off, Fred was working on his beloved truck.

It ended with a blow to the head and Fred was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury.

But he wasn’t alone.

He says there were a lot of people around who supported his recovery.

“They’ve really basically taken care of me for quite a few months, really,” Fred said. “So it’s very touching and it’s very meaningful to be a part of that.”

Fred says he’s the kind of person who is independent.

He’s not used to being on the other end, asking for help.

So his family in blue stepped in and is doing it for him.

“It came to a point where I had to tell Fred that this is not you asking for money, this is me doing this for you and for your family,” Detective Swan said. “As in a family, when someone has a life changing injury, it’s difficult to deal with.”

Fred’s fellow officers put together a fundraiser with help from family, friends and members of the community.

“I’m not really one to take things from people but I really appreciate it at the same time and I’m excited to talk to people I haven’t seen for months,” said Fred.

His fellow officers say it’s all for someone who was a one of a kind officer.

“We could be dealing with the most normal investigation or call for service and Fred walks in and everything changes,” said Swan.

The fundraiser is a way to remind Fred how much he meant to them and to the community he served.

“It’s very touching and very meaningful to be a part of that,” Fred said. “I miss the comraderie of going to work.”

For the past eight months, Fred and his family have experienced many changes of their own.

While he is unable to be an officer at the moment, he has a new perspective.

“Life can be short and things are just things they really are replaceable and people are what matters,” he said.

If you are still interested in donating, to help Fred and his family, you can donate directly to his GoFundMe page.

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