Turn on the Heat: How to Keep Your Furnace Running All Winter Long

Heating professionals say annual preventive mainenance is the best way to keep a furnace in working shape

FARGO, N.D. — With temperatures dropping furnaces will be firing up, but there are a few things homeowners can do to prevent problems when they flip on the heat for the first time.

Service professionals say routine maintenance to your furnace is key to keeping a home warm throughout the winter.

“Routine maintenance is a must these days.  Furnace manufacturers recommend your furnace gets checked out once a year,” said Jason Jundt, Operations Manager at Robert Gibb Heating.

“Getting someone to come out every year just helps maintain kind of the equilibrium of your furnace or making sure things don’t slowly progress or get out of control,” said Rick Williams, service technician at Robert Gibb Heating.

Experts say getting annual maintenance on furnaces is a good first step, but there are some things that homeowners must do to keep furnaces running.

Heating professionals say the best way to keep your furnace working all throughout the winter is to make sure it remains clear of snow, ice and objects throughout the entire winter season.

“So it’s just a good idea to keep on a regular – keep it on your mind just to kind of check it and make sure it’s clear of snow and ice and everything like that so that you don’t have any of those nuisance calls,” said Williams.

There are warning signs of a more serious problem.

“If there’s any electrical smell, obviously turn things off immediately and we can dispatch an emergency call,” said Jundt.

The experts agree that there is one thing that homeowners can do to keep their furnaces running all season.

“Changing the filter – can’t reiterate that enough,” said Williams.

Heating professionals say the cost to replace a broken furnace can be over $3,000.

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