Sanford Children’s Hospital Brings Halloween to its Patients

The hospital hosted its first Backwards Halloween in the new Sanford Hospital building

FARGO, N.D. — One local hospital brought the fun of Halloween to their patients who can’t get out and trick or treat.

Sanford Children’s Hospital hosted “Backwards Halloween” where staff dress up in costume and give out treats to kids.

Being cooped up in a hospital room can be tough for anyone, especially for a kid on Halloween, so Sanford Children’s Hospital brought the holiday to them.

“It’s a very special event for the kids up here,” said nurse Lauren Parker.  “We had the costumes, so we thought ‘why not?’  We just wanted to come and visit the kids while they’re not able to trick–or–treat by themselves.”

Sanford Children’s Hospital knows that kids are admitted, they don’t plan on missing Halloween, so that’s why the staff chooses to trick–or–treating fun to them instead.

Backwards Halloween offers patients like five–year–old Lillian Boyko a chance to celebrate the holiday from her hospital room.

“The fact that she can wear her costume and give a little candy and get a little treat, it’s fun for her and the staff has made such a big deal of it and it’s been very festive, they’ve been talking about it for days – everyone’s dressed up and treats have been coming in all morning,” said Lillian’s mother, Jennifer.

The hospital has been hosting “Backwards Halloween” for more than 20 years.

For the staff, the event never gets old.

“Getting to see the kids.  Making their Halloween a little bit more special while they’re staying here,” said Parker.

Parker says Backwards Halloween is just as much fun for the staff as it is for the patients.

“I got really excited about it.  It’s such a fun thing.  This is the second year we’ve gotten to do it and the kids’ reaction make it worth it,” said Parker.

“And who doesn’t want to dress up like Elsa?” asked Casey Johnson, who is a nurse at Sanford Hospital.

This was the first such event at the new Sanford Hospital building after the facility opened in July.

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