Local Dentist Office Collects Halloween Candy for Troops and First Responders

last year they donated more than 300 pounds of candy

FARGO, ND — If you’re still riding your sugar high from Halloween and don’t think you can fit one more piece of candy in, we may have just what you need.

A local business is willing to take that candy off your hands and is giving back to service men and women in the process.

We’re told sharing is caring and that’s why kids are sharing their Halloween candy with Friendly Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry.

The dentist’s office hosted a Halloween Candy Take Back and is offering kids a deal they can’t refuse.

For every pound of candy donated, kids receive $1 and a Halloween dentist goodie bag, but kids aren’t the only ones benefiting from this program.

Friendly Smiles is packing up the candy for service members and first responders from the F–M area who are deployed overseas.

Some families say that’s exactly why they’ve participated the last four years.

“My brother is retired military and my brother–in–law is retired military as well, and they both served overseas so we know the importance and the smiles it brings to their faces,” said Kindra Laird.

“If they don’t get it back, then they’ll be so sad,” said Amelia Laird.

For others, this is the first time they’ve ever donated their unwanted candy.

“I’ve always heard it and like I said, next holiday comes and I throw away the old candy and they get Valentine’s candy or you know,” Heather Novak said. “This is much better, I’m glad we’re trying it out this year.”

Friendly Smiles got the idea for the take back from their colleagues in California.

The dentist’s office says it really does help kids be more aware of what they’re sinking their teeth into.

But above all, Friendly Smiles says they’re impressed with how many kids donate their candy.

“It does surprise you in a way. You’re like ‘oh my God. Kids are willing to give up their candy,'” Heather Novak said. “They do like the idea of helping the troops overseas so kids can kind of amaze you with their hearts.”

Friendly Smiles shipped more than 300 pounds overseas in 2016.

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