Take Back Jack Recycles Pumpkins

the program has collected more than 60 tons of pumpkins over the years

MOORHEAD, Minn. — If you’re trying to throw out those Halloween pumpkins, Moorhead Yard Waste Facility does not take them.

That’s why Clay County started their Take Back Jack program four years ago.

The program eliminates pumpkins from becoming yard waste by having people drop them off at designated locations across town.

You can drop pumpkin off now through November 14th at collection bins at each recycling center in the county.

Pumpkins collected are recycled and used as compost at local farms.

“Some people have been putting in pumpkins in plastic bags or with things attached to them, feathers and that sort of thing,” said Shannon Thompson, who is with Clay County Solid Waste. “Because these go to the farm and they’re composted on site, that contamination is a real issue. So if people could please make sure they take the candles out, if they’re painted with glitter on them, please don’t put those pumpkins in.”

More than 60 tons of pumpkins have been collected since the program began.

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