Discount Grocery Store, ALDI, Opens in Dilworth

ALDI Has Opened Up In Dilworth

DILWORTH, Minn. — Lines were out the door and the parking lot full as ALDI celebrated their opening day in Dilworth.

ALDI is a grocery store known for their discount prices.

Their store has only five and a half isles full of only the most commonly purchased products and sizes.

They offer organic, all natural, and gluten free options, as well as having a big produce, meat and bread section.

“We save people thousands of dollars a year on their grocery bills with the incredible prices we have andĀ ALDI products are fantastic quality,” said Matthew Lilla, the VP of ALDI. “We back everything up with a double guarantee so if they don’t like the product we’ll give them their money back and we’ll replace it with another product.”

The first 100 customers to walk through the doors received a “golden ticket” which was a gift card from anywhere from $10 to $100.

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