Emergency Responders who Helped Deliver a Baby Honored

They helped bring a baby boy name Beckham John Welk into the world

WEST FARGO, ND — F–M Ambulance and the West Fargo Police Department became local heroes for helping deliver a baby boy in West Fargo.

After getting a call for a woman in labor, they found Nikki Welk while she was having contractions.

Within minutes, a baby boy name Beckham John Welk entered the world to greet his parents, Nikki and Erik.

The paramedics and officers are getting the chance to the meet the two week old baby.

“A lot of the time we don’t get to see the after,” said EMT Lindsay Skavlem. “Getting to see him today and knowing that we helped in that is just an incredible feeling and it has been the highlight of my career so far.”

“They did fantastic actually,” said the baby’s mother, Nikki Welk. “We couldn’t have asked for a better delivery really for how quick it was. Lindsay did a fantastic job delivering. I pushed twice and he was out screaming.”

Those who helped deliver the baby will get the Stork Award for their work.

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